America will Ban E-cigarettes

Smoking of e-cigarettes in airplanes may be banned. As MIGnews reported, the ban will function only in airplanes, flying in the USA.

The Ministry of Transport of the country declared the ban on smoking of such cigarettes. According to Ray Lahoud, previously it was allowed to smoke e-cigarette in airplanes, but usual cigarettes have been banned.

e-cigarette in airplane

e-cigarette in airplane

Battery-powered cigarettes were very popular among smokers who flied on airplanes. It was almost ten years of popularity.

It should be noted that the scientists questioned the safety of e-cigarettes. They appreciated the past five manufacturers of braded cigarettes and found a lot of shortcomings.

Unlike usual cigarettes, e-cigarettes provide nicotine not with the smoke, but steam. In this case, in addition to nicotine, toxins evolved by heating a special cartridge, which is on the basis of e-cigarette construction, got in the smoker’s organism.

In addition, the researchers said that the e-cigarette can even develop nicotine dependence due to the fact that the producers make them “tasty ” by a variety of flavors. In this case, consumers are not informed about the consequences.

American pharmaceutics and e-cigarettes

In the U.S., Food and Drug Administration attributed e-cigarettes to medical products. This high status has forced vendors of e-cigarettes certify them before putting on the market.

The American federal judge has not agreed with Food and Drug Administration and crossed the e-cigarette from the list of medicines in January 2010. And then he brought indignation! Therefore, a few months later – in March 2010, e-cigarettes began again to refer to the means of nicotine therapy.

There are several online stores in America that sell e-cigarettes without certification of devices. In September 2010, Food and Drug Administration threatened that inspection of unscrupulous sellers would begin soon, and the procedure of certification would become mandatory.

After that, court processes against the five largest suppliers of e-cigarettes in the U.S. began. They were accused of that production had not been certified. And some manufacturers were accused of that they had used forbidden technology for the production of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes in Europe

Europeans found out about e-cigarette in April 2006. They began to be on the market at that time in Europe. RUYAN Company, the largest Chinese manufacturer of e-cigarettes, held PR conference in Austria. E-cigarettes were adapted to the market of this country.

In 2007, the Reuters news agency was in the RUYAN Company in Beijing, and then told about the meeting and the new product – e-cigarette.

The Electronic Cigarette Association appeared in Europe. Its president, Matt Salmon, said that in October 2009, the number of Europeans who use e-cigarettes exceeded 300,000! This figure was identified by surveys of e-cigarette fans. Matt Salmon is sure that the number of e-cigarette fans will increase.

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