106 year old Quits Smoking

German actor Johannes Heesters, who is 106 years old, has quitted smoking. He says he has done it for love as his 62 year old wife Simone Rethel, who has been living with the actor since 1992, wants him to.

She has taken her time persuading Johannes to take this step and it is rumoured that his real motive was to get some publicity. ‘Who has heard of this guy outside Germany?’ asked film critic Snitch Pekowsky.

Johannes Heesters

Johannes Heesters

His docors say it should add years to his life and will help his wife who will no longer have to put up with swallowing his cigarette smoke.

‘I am touched by his consideration for me’ she told a German internet site ‘my beloved Jo Jo is likely to live for ever but he thinks of me and my lungs.’

Smoking centenerians have been given a fine lead. They are putting down their cigarettes and helping the environment. ‘I care about my great, great, grandchildren’ said Spruce Babar ‘who passed his 104th year recently.’

The Movement Against Smoking has welcomed these developments. ‘It is never too late to lay down your fags’ said President Nein ‘let us hope Johannes will produce no more fag ends during the rest of his happy married life.’

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