«Winston» Cigarettes in Four Flavor Versions

Spring is a traditional time of the issuance of new brands. Right now tobacco companies offer new items to smokers. Last year, smokers were hit by the format of packs – just a few kind of cigarettes in unique packages appeared on the market. This year, the company decided to go the other way.

The «Winston» family, taken second place in the world ranking of tobacco brands – had refilling- «Winston Premier» subfamily. Russia has become one of the first markets where the brand has appeared. The brand was launching in Ukraine and Turkey, as well it was available during 2008 in other markets. «Winston Premier» is a brand positioned in super premium segment.

Winston Premier Cigarettes

Winston Premier Cigarettes

New product was introduced to the market in four flavors – «Filters» (8 mg tar, nicotine 0.7 mg) in a red package, «Lights» (6 / 0, 5 mg) in blue package, «SuperLights» (3 / 0, 2 mg ) in a gold package and snow-white «One» (1 / 0, 1 mg). The design of packages was implemented in a minimalist style with a minimum of graphic elements. At the same time, elegant packaging with round-corner format, thanks to the huge letter «W», supplanted partially on the front and partially on the side of the pack, can not be confused with anything. But the «Winston» company logo with the name of the subfamily and the famous eagle are decreased and shifted slightly to the left, and filled with metallic lettering. It looks really premium and prestige. The asymmetry in the design gives a special charm to the product. Another distinctive feature of novelty is a unique filter with CCT system (Channel Charcoal Technology). The filter consists of two sections – “coal” part and acetate section with 23 air channels due to which the taste of cigarettes get softer and more saturated. The same letter «W» is at the tipping paper.

According to the Manager of Communications of JTI Russia, Anatoly Vereshchagin, «Winston Premier» launching in the Russian market reflects the desire of the company to achieve positions in a “prestige” segment that are adequate to the status of the company in Russia. Today JTI is the undisputed leader of the Russian market with a market share of 35.1% (data from AC Nielsen, February 2008). Simultaneously, the company is the fastest growing in Russia, both in quantity (annual growth 0.7%) and in value terms (1.2%). In this case, the undisputed leader of the Russian market, the «Winston» family, also shows impressive growth – the share of «Winston» increased by 1 % to 9.2 % over 12 months (data from AC Nielsen).

Launching of the brand is supported by an active advertising campaign in the media, advertising materials and conducting consumer programs in the retail and HoReCa by a number of special projects. JTI has traditionally not announced advertising budget, however, according to Galina Rodina, the director for strategic development of brands of JT International, it was substantial.

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