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Farmington to Decide on Smoking-Ban Ordinance

Smoking Woman

Data shows that among American states the highest smoking rate is registered in Missouri. However, soon the state of affairs is going to change as officials in Farmington decided to make their city smoke-free.

Stuart Landrum, Mayor of Farmington, told that among neighboring cities only Arnold has a smoking ban in place. Besides it in the region only city of Kennett has passed a ban.

However, Farmington officials have different opinions on the subject. Elizabeth Stevenson agrees with smoking ban proposal and considers public places should be smoke-free.

In case the proposal will get necessary amount of votes to be passed, it will be in effect from November 2015.

Jessie Holcomb said he will not support the proposal and will vote against it.

Dan Reynolds came with his wife to visit the city and noticed smoking people behind doorways and all the tobacco smoke entered the buildings. They came from a smoke-free city and become disaccustomed from tobacco smoke. To their opinion, ban is good for communities.

His wife Janet most of all is worried about people with asthma who are not protected from tobacco smoke and may feel it at any public place. It is very uncomfortable for them as they do their best to avoid smoke.

Mayor Landrum  does not want to ban smoking totally. He wants that smoking to be permitted in some public places such as private clubs and bars.

Holcomb smoked for a long time in his life. He is against total smoking ban because knows why people smoke and how difficult is to get rid of it.

A survey shows that two-thirds of people living in Farmington support smoking ban. In the next weeks there will be organized public hearings on the proposal.

Smoking Ban in Place in Ann Arbor Parks from February

Ann Arbor Parks

Starting from February 1, city of Ann Arbor in US state of Michigan will no longer allow smoking in its 73 parks with playgounds and 4 downtown parks.

The change was approved around ten months ago, when the City Council passed an outdoor smoking ordinance permitting the city administrator and Park Advisory Commission to designate parks as city’s smoke-free areas.

In September 2014, Park Advisory Commission recommended that 77 of 158 city’s parks should start going smoke-free, and City Administrator Steve Powers told he will support the move.

The smoking ban is applied to regular cigarettes, cigars, pipes and even electronic cigarettes.

PAC Chairman David Santacroce told that the aim of the new smoke-free ordinance is to protect the health of park visitors, many of whom are kids. The ordinance will help to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, keep parks in Ann Arbor clean by reducing litter, and join a trend toward smoke-free outdoor environments across the USA

Today in the country totally there are nearly 900 municipal park systems which go smoke-free, including such cities as Portland, Berkley, Chicago and Des Moines. Now it’s time for city of Ann Arbor to join the trend and create healthy and clean environments for its residents and visitors.

There will be established no-smoking signs in all 77 parks, espacially near all playgrounds and inside recreation facilities.  In Downtown parks smoking will not be permitted in the next properties: Kempf House museum, Liberty Plaza, Farmers Market in Kerrytown, Sculpture Plaza outside the People’s Food Co-Op, The authorities rely on warnings and say they will help to inform people about the change.

Residents who will not comply could face up to a $25 fine.

Potentioal Smoking Ban in Rapid City Parks

Smoking Woman in Park

Kids exposure to tobacco smoke in outdoor public spaces in Rapid city, South Dakota, sparked debate over a potential smoking ban.

Chuck Tinant,  member of Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, is the one who put the subject on discussion during a Board meeting. To note that the Board is a subcommittee of the Rapid City Council.

Tinant told that before the smoking ban approval by seven members of City Council the proposal whould be discussed by the Board. He tells that the idea to ban smoking in parks belongs to former Advisory Board chair Jeff Schild, who in spring 2014 was spending weekend with his family in a city park. He observed that his little daughter was exposed to tobacco smoke and disliked this. Namely being in this situation made the board member think about protection of people from secondhand smoke in outdoor public spaces. It was a kind of catalyzator for taking action.

After some time  Schild moved  with his family to Bismarck, North Dakota, where together with Fargo city, adopted smoking bans in parks. Recently Schild asked Tinant if any move has been made on his proposal in Rapid City and was surprised to know that there are no changes there.

In order to start realizing the proposal,  Tinant said that it is necessary to discuss it first in the Board and then send it to the Council for final approval.

Why the ban is so important? Tinant explains that it will help to create a healthy environment for kids, non-smokers and eldery people who suffer from repiratory diseases. They will feel themselves comfortable in smoke-free parks and will enjoy clean air.

The main problem of the ban is its implementation, because parks are huge. In fact, they do not want the police walking around the parks giving out tickets for using cigarettes.

Here a different approach is needed. People should be encouraged to not light up and there should be introduced fines for violations.

Virginia: Fines for Exposing Kids to Tobacco Smoke

Smoking in Car

An official in the state of Virginia wants to protect kids from tobacco smoke in vehicles and proposed to introduce a bill which would make it an illegal action.

The talk is about Todd Pillion, who has filed House Bill 2171. The bill prohibits use of cigarettes in cars where kids under eight are present. Infringers will be subjected to a $100 fine, which would go into the state literacy fund.

Pillion is from public health department and sees often the negative effects of smoking in kids, He is a dentist elected in the course of a special election in December 2014. When asked what are the effects of secondhand smoke on kids, he answered that those kids are at high risk for ear problems, acute respiratory disease and asthma.

Pillion says that it is all about children and we must do our best to protect them from tobacco and its hazards. Adults and especially parents should become more responsable about their kids. They should be informed about the negative effects of secondhand smoke exposure and not light up in presence of children. Smoking-related diseases are preventable, therefore it is a priority of Ministry of Health. Moreover, prevention is cheaper than treatment.

The bill bans use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes in vehicles. However, allows use of e-cigarettes. The ban does not touch smoking in homes and in public, only vehicles.
Studies show that  secondhand smoke can be up to 27 times more concentrated in a car than in a smoker’s home, therefore more harmful.  However, in 2014 a similar bill failed in the General Assembly.

The bill awaits committee referral.

In Newburgh Tobacco Selling Stores Need Local License

Cigarettes Store

City Council in Newburgh, New York, approved on Monday a new licensing requirement which regulates more strictly sale of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products in shops.

From March 1, 2015, gas stations, convenience stores and all shops that do sell tobacco products need to have a city license. In order to get it, the applicants should conform to particular requirements. For example, they should pass an inspection in order to make sure they meet maintenance and building requirements.

Advocates of the law consider that the licensing requirement is a very good initiative as it will greatly help to prevent tobacco retailers from selling tobacco products to kids and teens.

When retail owners found out about the proposal they opposed to it, however, finally the law was adopted.

With this initiative  Newburgh  joins New York City and other municipalities which demand that tobacco sellers should have a local license besides the state one. It should be said that in its attempt to prevent youth from smoking New York City increased smoking age to 21.

As to Newburgh, it considered prohibiting tobacco sales to young people under 19 but remain with the state age limit of 18.

The new law in Newburgh prohibits sale of tobacco products within 1,000 feet of a school’s property. However, retailers currently placed closer than 1,000 feet will be exempt from that requirement.  To get a license there is a need for inspections from police and fire departments. In case of refusal from inspections, the city has the power to ask for a search warrant in the shop.

Fort Collins to Vote in February New Smoking Ban


In 2014 the state of Colorado became famous in the USA due to legalization of recreational Marijuana use. However, not all smokers will be happy soon.

As Coloradoan writes, the city of Fort Collins is going to vote on an ordinance that could expand the existing smoking ban and it will include a number of different public venues.

In fact, smoking ban laws are not a novelty in the USA. They are becoming very popular in different parts across the country and the trend is still growing. In past smoking was not appreciated by kings and churches and users of tobacco were punished in different ways.

It should be said that namely in a city of Colorado was introduced for the first time a law banning smoking in bars and restaurants. The city of Aspen is regulating tobacco use but did not introduce a total smoking ban and businesses are permitted to have a smoking section.

However, data shows that by 2014 a great number of businesses prohibited smoking in their establishments. Many of them did it on voluntary basis.

Amid the widespread call for Marijuana legalization, the use of tobacco is being reduced. Tobacco becomes unacceptable by the society. Nowadays people do not want to be exposed to secondhand smoke anymore, and even young people support the anti-smoking trend. Over the past years hundreds of American colleges and Universities banned smoking on their campus.

The proposed smoking ban in Fort Collins prohibits use of tobacco in bars, restaurants, motels, hotels and indoor businesses. The final vote will take place on February 5 and up to this date everyone is free to express his opinion on the proposal in a survey found on city’s official website.

In 2014 Fort Collins took an important decision to regulate e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes.

Cleburne Mayor Asks on Facebook About Smoking Ban


Scott Cain, the Mayor of Cleburne city in Texas, uses Facebook in order to find out  city residents’ opinions on the prohibiting smoking in public places.

There is no anti-smoking ordinance in action in Cleburne, and the Mayor came with a proposal to consider one. Thus he addressed city residents the next question on his page on Facebook: “Should Cleburne ban smoking in all public places? What do you think?”

In short time he received hundreds of answers, and most of which were simple “Yes!”. However, there were users who disliked the proposal. Jeff Dugger wrote: “Smoking is disgusting but not nearly so as an overreaching government.”

Cain says that smoking ban is a serious issue and it is absolutely normal thing that some disagree with it. Here the talk is about human rights, and it is very important to take into consideration all opinions. On one side are people who do not want to be exposed to secondhand smoke and on the other side are smokers who have the right to use cigarettes.

According to Cain, they do not try to limit rights of smokers in Cleburne city, they just want to balance the rights of all of their citizens.

On January 13 there will take place Council meeting during which councilmen are going to discuss the smoking ban proposal. Residents are welcome to express their opinions on the meetings and on Facebook.

Cain told he examined similar ordinances in Texas and wants to apply to the  Cleburne city the example of North Richland Hills which banned smoking in most public buildings such as stores, restaurants and offices, but allows smoking in bars, outdoor dining patios  and private clubs. Mayor considers that smoking should be permitted in establishments where visitors normally consume alcohol.

City Council in Gadsden, AL, Reconsidering Smoking Ban


In June 2014, authorities in the city of Gadsden, Alabama, passed an ordinance which prohibits smoking in all enclosed working spaces. Now the city council consider to make some ajustments to the ordinance.

Councilman Ben Reed participated in creating the initial version of the ordinance. He says that new council members want more time to study all details in the ordinance.

The Council passed it back in June 2014 and it was planned to be implemented in January, the next year. New councilors entered the board in November and they told they need more time to become familiar with the ordinance. Also they told that probably there will be a need to make some modifications in it.

Most controversies raises the point about the distance that workers must respect in order to comply with the ordinance. It demands smokers to light up at the distance of 20-foot from any public entrance to a business. As to smokers, they do not support the ordinance as they dislike the idea to searching for a place to smoke during a break. Smoker Jeff considers that there are a lot of things more important than banning smoking in bars and restaurants.

However, the ordinance supporters claim that here the talk is about protecting workers and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure.

The ordinance writes that cigar bars are an exemption. It estalishes smoke-free boundaries outside the entrances to public buildings, and around bleachers at public and sports events and outdoor public transportation stations.

Hookah Popular Among Students

Hookah Use

A new study found that American college students think that using hookah is safer than smoking cigarettes.

Scientists from the University of South Florida College of Public Health analyzed hookah use among young people and described behavioural and social factors connected to hookah smoking among students.

Jaime Corvin, USF assistant professor of global health and author of the study, told that he and his crew were surprised to discover that young people consider hookah a safe way of smoking. Survey demonstrated that students find hookah safer than cigarettes. The reason for that is that they do not know about health effects of using hookah.

Earlier studies showed that in recent years cigarettes use is decresed among youth, but use of hookah, other types of tobacco and e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among this category of people.

Students should know that hookah contains charcoal which cools and filters the smoke through water and it presents particular risks for young people as it produces high levels of carbon monoxide.

Though researches in this field continue, scientists today may say for sure that use of hookah presents serious health risks to smokers and people exposed to its secondhand smoke.

Experts say that one 45-minute session of smoking hookah is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes.

The University of South Florida made a study in 2012 in which participated 478 students who were asked about hookah use. There was found that 54% used hookah at least once in their life. The present study reveals that 16% students used hookah in the last 30 days. Use of hookah was connected to cigarettes use and not with alcohol.

Scientists say that increased interest towards hookah may be explained by different sweet tastes hookah tobacco may have.

Comments on Smoking Ban in Montgomery


City Council’s Health, Education and Recreation Standing Committee in  Montgomery, Alabama state, during their meeting on Monday were discussing proposal to introduce No Smoking Ordinance, but there was no quorum.

City Councilman CC Calhoun, Mayor Todd Strange and other officials organized public hearings in order to find out more resident’s opinions on the subject.

Several years ago Montgomery city adopted an ordinance which imposed restaurants to be totally smoke-free or create a special smoking zone with a separate air filtration system. The change proposed today would prohibit all smoking in restaurants, bars and clubs. Also it bans smoking within 20 feet of playgrounds, business entrances, and bus stops.

During the meeting several bar owners expressed their disagreement with the smoking ban as they think it will affect their business. They say it would never do to force smokers go outside because smokers come to bars to relax, have a drink and a cigarette. Forcing them outside creates a kinda incommodity.

Another speaker told that the city of Montgomery has today a plenty of smoke-free restaurants while smokers have only 3-4 bars where they still may light up. Therefore there is no need to ban smoking in all establishments because smokers should have their bars where they amy relax with a favorite cigarette.

Paul Smith owns a pub for 20 years and considers that it is unfair to make smokers feel uncomfortable in bars. They should use their right to smoke.

On the other side Dr. David Franco expressed his support for a smoke-free law saying about the necessity to protect bar workers from secondhand smoke. He considers people will not stop vising bars as these are place to drink rather than to smoke. Dr. David Franco told about all people’s right to breathe a clean air, therefore clean air should be in all public places. Kids should be protected in the first place as they are most vulnerable to effects of secondhand smoke.

The campaign  Smoke-Free Montgomery was launched to inform people about  effects of secondhand smoke exposure. The group has been fighting for 100% smoke free workplaces, restaurants and bars.

The date for another public comments on the ordinance will be announced next week, at the city council meeting on December 16th.