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Chinese Passengers Smoked in Airplane Despite Ban

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Activists in Iowa Ask Hy-Vee to End Tobacco Sales


Tobacco opponents along with health professionals in Iowa used Great American Smokeout to launch a campaign calling on Hy-Vee supermarkets to stop sale of all kinds of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. Hy-Vee is a chain of 235 supermarkets located in Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota,  Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Representatives of Iowa Tobacco Prevention Alliance told that they hoped that Hy-Vee would join the CVS Health national pharmacy chain, which earlier this year stopped sale of tobacco products. 19 of its stores are in Iowa.

There was created a petition online which gathers signatures to call for Hy-Vee to stop the sale of tobacco products.

According to Tara Deering-Hansen, head of corporate communications for Hy-Vee, health and wellness were company’s priorities for years. The company supports a great number of community healthy activities and healthy offerings in their stores. However, Hy-Vee provides a wide range of products to satisfy all its clients, therefore they consider that it is unfair to take tobacco away from its shops. Cigarettes is a personal choice and people make it consciously. However, the market encourages its clients to make healthy choices by excluding them from marketing. Also they put smoking cessation products on visible places in phrmacies.

The representatives of Alliance consider that Hy-Vee should end the sale of tobacco products, because it would reduce the availability of tobacco products which will result in reduction of tobacco use. This is exactly what the Great American Smoke Out is created to accomplish.

Reynolds American Launches New Tobacco Product

Reynolds American

Reynolds American Inc launches on the tobacco market a novelty, a cigarette which heats  tobacco instead of burning it. It expected that the new product will attract smokers who prefer alternative tobacco products to traditional ones.

Reynolds American Inc today is tobacco company number two in the USA. It produces such famous cigarette brands as Camel and Winston.

The company said on Monday that it launches in February 2015 new product called Revo. It a cigarette which has a carbon tip which heats tobacco instead of buring it.

The tobacco company representatives told that the new tobacco product is going to replace unsuccessful Eclipse product launched in 90s.

With the increasing interest for smoking alternatives, the company considers that Revo will have success on the market.

When the product Eclipse appeared on the market, smokers remain indifferent on it. The product had such characteristics as new taste different from cigarettes and no tobacco smell and ashes during smoking. However, smokers considered Eclipse too difficult to use and the product did not become popular. Due to that fact the tobacco company limited the product distribution.

J. Brice O’Brien, head of consumer marketing, said that the technology heat-not-burn appeared too early 20 years ago and it was not an appropriate time for it. The time for it is now when smokers search for alternatives.

According to O’Brien,  Revo is better than e-cigarettes, because e-cigarettes contain only liquid nicotine and no tobacco, but Revo has real tobacco which will make it attractive for smokers.

The launch of the new product will be follwed with marketing campaign to show smokers that it is better than traditional and e-cigarettes. As to price, it will cost like a pack of average regular cigarettes, which will make the new product affordable.

Today more smokers refuse from regular cigarettes and turn to different smoking alternatives, therefore it is expected that Revo will have success among smokers.

Great American Smokeout is Coming

Quit Smoking

This week in the USA will take place the Great American Smokeout as it is held on third Thursday of November.

On this day smokers are encouraged to quit smoking at least for one day and make a plan to quit for good.

The latest New York statistics shows that despite smoking rates drop in the country, still there are groups which show no decline in smoking rates. The talk is about:
– people with income below $15,000: among them 1 in 4 smokes;
– people with an education less than a high school diploma: among them 1 in 4 smokes;
– people with some menthal problems: among htem 1 in 3 smokes.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute reveals that Western New York has the highest smoking rate in the state, including 26% in Erie County and 27% in Niagara County. Tobacco use still remains the cause of a number of smoking related diseases. It was estimated that annually almost 600,000 New Yorkers do suffer from these diseases.

According to County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein, most popular disease related to smoking is lung cancer. Quitting at any age will do benefit to overall health, therefore quitiing is so important these days. Quitting smoking reduces health risks associated with tobacco use

Anthony Billoni, head of Tobacco-Free Western New York, said the Great American smokeout helped to change American’s attotude towards smoking and promote a smoke-free lifestyle.

Decline in Cigarettes Use among Youth in Minnesota

Smoking Students

Latest 2014 Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey shows that use of cigarettes among school students has declined significantly, but use of e-cigarettes is increased. Data shows that more than a quarter of high school students have tried electronic cigarettes.

Health care officials say that e-cigarettes contain nicotine which causes dependence. This may make young people want to try tobacco products.

The survey shows that the rate of high school students who smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days dropped to 10.6% in 2014. That compares to 18.1% in 2011.

Minnesota Commissioner of Health Ed Ehlinger is happy with these numbers and says this is a great progress which occured due to state efforts to fight smoking among youth. He told that high prices on cigarettes made smoking unaffordable for teens. Also tight regulations work great here such as the requirement to sell tobacco products behind the counter.

However, bad news is that e-cigarettes are popular among young people. In the course of the survey they were asked if they had ever used these divices which were introduced in 2007 to the USA market. It turned out that 28% of high school students have tried an e-cigarette, and 12.9% of students had used one in the past 30 days.  E-cigarettes appeared in Minnesota several years ago and since then around 90,000 students have tried them.

16-year-old Cornelia from Minneapolis South High School considers that teens like e-cigarettes because their use can hardly be detected by parents. E-cigarettes are not regulated, thus these devices are being widely used by young people, even on tootball games. Tenns cannot buy tobacco cigarettes but they may buy electronic ones and most frequently they do this from websites or older students. It is easier than it seems.

Westminster Wants Total Tobacco Sale Ban


As it was written earlier, town of Westminster,  Massachusetts, with 7,700 inhabitants wants to ban sale of all tobacco products. This week there will be organized public hearings on the subject. In case the law will be adopted, Westminster will become first municipality in the USA to prohibit all kinds of tobacco products in towns.

Thomas Carr, director of national policy at the American Lung Association, says that up to date no other town across the country has such a law. Town health agent Elizabeth Swedberg considers the ban is a perfect solution to eliminate totally smoking from people’s lives.

Today tobacco companies try to attract more young people by creating new cheap and sweet products such as e-cigarettes, 69-cent bubblegum-flavored cigars, and smokeless tobacco resembling Tic Tac candies. It means that millions of children today are at risk for smoking related diseases. Health care specialists say that it is necessary to change the situation.

However, business owners dislike the idea as they worry that their business will be affected. Brian Vincent, the owner of grocery on Main Street, says that Tobacco products make up more than 5% of sales. A quarter of his customers buy tobacco products. Vincent is a smoker himself and that is one more reason why he does not support the ban. Now he encourages his customers to sign the petition against the proposal. Up to date are gathered 800 signatures.

David Sutton, a spokesman for Altria Group Inc., which owns the America’s biggest cigarette manufacturer, Philip Morris USA, said that the proposal is a bad policy that will harm local employers.

Imperial Tobacco Increased its Dividend


Imperial Tobacco, one of world’s largest tobacco companies, managed to increase its full year dividend by 10pc despite volumes falling 7pc.  The newely released data shows that during the year company;s volumes dropped to 294 billion sticks in comparison with 317 billion last year. These days Imperial Tobacco faces declines in a number of markets across the world, because more and more smokers quit.

The tobacco company is going to reduce the level of stock held by distributors in a number of countries by 9 billion stick equivalents, including Iraq and Russia which have intencified the battle against tobacco use in theor countries.

Total annual income dropped 6pc to £26.6 billion but the company delivered a 25pc increase in pre-tax profit to £1.52 billion. Imperial tobacco has experienced the effects of currency volatility. Total adjusted operating profit dropped 5pc to almost £3.02 billion but was flat on a constant currency basis.  Companie’s debt was lowered by £1 billion due to initiatives such as partial IPO of its European distribution business, Logista, which increased £395m.

The company;s final dividend is 89.3p a share and it plans to increase it till the end of the year. It wants to increase the dividend by 10pc annually.

Chief executive of Imperial Tobacco  Alison Cooper, expresses his satisfaction of present data and says that in future the company intands to improve its presence on the tobacco market by buying new brands from Lorrilard and Reynolds American.

San Mateo County Bans Smoking in Housing Units


The Board of Supervisors in San Mateo County, California, with the majority of votes approved a n ordinance which prohibits use of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes inside condominiums, apartments and townhomes in unincorporated areas.

Supervisors Adrienne Tissier  and Carole Groom are those who proposed the ordinance which bans use of cigarettes in multiple-unit buildings with one or more shared floors, ceilings, walls, ventilation systems.

The ordinance is applied to any such building in the county.

Health officials in the San Mateo County say that tobacco smoke in one apartment presents a hazard to the neighbours. According to Tissier, their main task is to protect the health of their residents.

However,  San Mateo County Association of Realtors expressed their disagreement with the decision claiming that condominiums should not be included in the ordinance because they are individually owned, not rented.  Paul Stewart, government affairs director for the Realtors group, says that it would never do to say a townhome buyer that he cannot smoke in his proper house costing $862,000. Today cigarettes are a legal product, therefore it will never do to ban it.

The ordinance will be applied to North Fair Oaks and unincorporated zones of Redwood City, where are found 105 of the 134 multi-unit facilities.

The new ordinance comes into action in 30 days after it was adopted, and it touches new housing units. As to existing housing facilities, they will not be hit for another 14 months.

It should be said that smoking will not be allowed at the distance of 30 feet of building complexes. The ordinance does not include motels and hotels.

In order to inform people about the new smoking ban, there will be placed no smoking signs in zones where it is banned. There will be created designated areas at the distance of 30 feet from any door, window, ventilation system.  Those violating the law will be subjected to a $100 fine for the first offence, $200 for the second offence and $500 for each next offence.

Westminster Wants to Ban Sale of Tobacco Products

Cigarettes Sales

The Board of Health in Westminster, a town in Worcester County, Massachusetts, is examining the proposal to totally ban sale of products containing nicotine or tobacco. In case such a law will be adopted, Westminster will become the first town in the USA who banned all tobacco sales.

The proposed law prohibits sale of regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

The decision to adopt such a law came after revealing the results of a recent study which suggests that in the nearest future almost 500,000 adult people in thw town will suffer from a smoking-related disease.

The Board of Health wants to prevent young people from buying new tobacco products that appear on the market and target namely youth. For example, 69-cent bubble gum flavored cigars.

Store owners dislike the idea to ban tobacco sale saying that cigarettes are a legal product and it would never do to ban it. They create petitions to block the adoption of the proposed law and hope it will be rejected.

The public hearing will take place on November 12 and Westminster residents are invited to express their opinions on the proposal.

Ypsilanti Bans Smoking at Three Children’s Playgrounds

Playground for Kids

City Council in Ypsilanti, Michigan, last week approved an ordinance that would prohibit smoking at all three children’s playgrounds in the city.

According to Bob Krzewinski of the Ypsilanti Parks and Recreation Commission, they have no intention to make this policy a priority and no one will be sitting out there and writing tickets. The main goal of the policy is to discourage people from smoking in parks as it may affect non-smoking visitors and their kids. Today many people are aware about secondhand smoke effects and they do not want to be exposed to it.

Also  Krzewinski told that it is very important to prohibit smoking in parks because it will help to reduce litter in parks. Cigarette butts are hazardous for the environment as they need hundreds of years to be dossolved.

Krzewinski propsed to ban smoking in all Ypsilanti parks, but Council members told it is too early to talk about such initiative. However, he was glad that his idea to ban smoking at children’s playgrounds found support. He believes that soon the ban will be extended to all city parks.

During the public hearing no one expressed his opinion on the proposed ordinance to the city charter. Only DeBorah Borden from the Washtenaw County Tobacco Use Prevention Program spoke during one of previous public hearings.  Thus he told that it is very important for the city to adopt a smoke-free ordinance banning smoking at playgrounds as it will be the first step towards promotion of a healthy lifestyle and clean environment.

Montana: Smokers to Move to Designated Area

No Smoking

When workers in Yellowstone County, Montana, want to smoke during their break, they frequently go outside to a place called “the cave” that is a hole in the wall on the southwest corner of the building.

The room under the skybridge located on North 27th Street has an exit-only door, a can for litter and a place for the fire department to hook up hoses.

The “the cave” is a perfect place for smoking, but it has a disadvantage — secondhand smoke, which enters the offices of other  employees via opened windows and ventilation system.

The employees from this building brought the problem to the commissioners’ discussion meeting this Monday. They express a great discontent about their exposure to tobacco smoke.

The commissioners told they will ask county employee smokers to move to other place to smoke. There was proposed to make for them a designated area, located in the city of Billings’ parking garage, across the North 27th Street. They may get there by skybridge, for example.

Commissioner John Ostlund  told they will send emails to employees to inform them about the change.

Besides this, there will be removed litter cans behind the courthouse entrance on Third Avenue North, because  Commissioners received many complaints from people who are forced to go through clouds of smoke, which they dislike. State’s indoor clean air law.allows commissioners to act against secondhand smoke exposure.