Anti-Smoking Activists Against Smoking in Movies

Recently the anti-tobacco youth group Reality Check gave awards to such Hollywood starts as Woody Allen, Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp, people who promote smoking in movies. They were called “Shame” by More »

Retailers in Ireland Worried About Introduction of Plain Packs

In Ireland the representatives of Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association ( CSNA) told that Australia adopted too strict measures in order to improve their legislation on tobacco packaging. According to Vincent Jennings, More »

New Documentary About Surgeon General’s Report

In January US Department of Health and Human Services celebrated the 50th anniversary of release of first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health. In this regard they published a new report More »

FDA Launching Anti-Smoking Campaign Aimed at Youth

The FDA launches ads with people having wrinkles and yellow teeth in order to show teenagers the effects of long-term smoking. The $115 million anti-smoking campaign is called “The Real Cost” and More »

New Jersey Has Worst Results in Anti-Smoking Funding

American Lung Association in its latest report “State of Tobacco Control” writes that New Jersey is failing in funding quit smoking and tobacco prevention programs. Each year, the American Lung Association releases More »


Philip Morris Earnings Preview


On April 17, Philip Morris International will present its 2014 first quarter earnings. Experts do expect data from Philippines, where an increase in indirect taxes implemented in 2013 affected negatively tobacco industry.

Experts say that Philip Morris business in European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa was affected by numerous anti-tobacco regulations. Russia is company’s biggest tobacco market in the region and all regulations in this country do greatly affect Philip Morris sales volume.

These days Philip Morris International is a leading international tobacco company. Tobacco products manufactured by the company are sold in more than 180 countries worldwide. Its most popular and successful brand is Marlboro. Except the USA and China, Philip Morris holds more than 28 percent of the total cigarette market in the world. Till 2008 Philip Morris International was an operating company of Altria Group.

Representatives of Philip Morris International say that 47% of total volume decline are attributed to its operations in the Philippines. Thus due to significant increase of indirect taxes in the country, the company was forced to increase prices on Marlboro cigarettes by 60%. As a result, Philip Morris International recorded a excessive decline in cigarette shipments to the market in 2013. Today more and more people are looking for discount cigarettes online as it is most beneficail and convenient.

Mobile City to Ban Youth from Using Hookah


Young people say that though hookah smoking lounges owners claim they do not permit underage people to enter their establishments, there must be implemented tighter regulations in order to fight smoking among youth. Also the regulations must include e-cigarettes that these days became extremely popular due to a belief that they are safe.

The City Council of Moble, Alabama, is going to put into discussion the issue. Last week Fred Richardson, councilman, told he wants the council’s Public Safety Committee to meet with the Police Department, business owners and others to discuss what enforcement is needed for the city.

According to Richardson, before enforcing a law it must be discussed with businesses and society. No one wants young people to be allowed to smoke in the establishments. Other council members also consider the issue should be explored.

Councilman John Williams said that before putting law into the action it is necessary to discuss why, how and when it must be enforced. The state law will be enforced at a minimum and the authorities will look for the ways to control the use of hookah and e-cigarette among youth,

Last week Mobile City-County Youth Council expressed concerns about the increasing number of alternative smoking users among local young people. Youth Council representatives say that some establishments in Mobile do permit underage people to smoke hookahs and e-cigarettes.

However, Ollie’s Mediterranean Grill in midtown and west Mobile doesn’t permit underage people to buy tobacco. Also other e-cigarette retailers in Mobile say they do not sell cigarettes to minors.

Mobile has a smoking ban, but  it is not tough enough. There are a lot of exemptions behind an ordinance that include bars, outdoor restaurant areas after 8 p.m., private clubs  and tobacco bars.  Those younger 21 are not permitted to enter the establishments where smoking is allowed. The problem is that e-cigaretes and hookah are not included in the ban.

Alaska to Expand Smoke-Free Workplace Laws

Smoking Woman

Last week supporters of Smoke-Free Indoor Workplace bill in Alaska told that it’s time to make smoke-free laws work in the entire state of Alaska. At the beginning of the week the proposed smoke-free law got a hearing with the Senate State Affairs Committee at the Capitol in Juneau.

If the law gets approved, it will ban smoking in all indoor businesses, workplaces and  public places. People will have to go outside to smoke. The law was proposed by Representative Lindsey Holmes in the House and Senator Peter Micciche in the Senate and is aimed to protect people from secondhand smoke.

American Heart Association, AARP, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the Alaska Native Health Board encourage lawmakers to vote for the law as it will help to protect people from effects of secondhand smoke. Today secondhand smoke prevention is an important issue for authorities.

A great number of organizations and businesses already showed their support for the law by signing resolutions that they want statewide smoke-free workplaces.
Health experts say that annually secondhand smoke kills nearly 50,000 people in the USA. It was revealed in 2006 U.S. Surgeon General’s report that even short time exposure to secondhand smoke may have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Inhaling of secondhand smoke prevents heart from normal functioning which increases risks for a heart attack.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, says that short time exposure to secondhand smoke may lead to damage of lining of blood vessels.

The new law will also ban the use of e-cigarettes in indoor spaces, asking smokers to go and smoke it outside for the health of others.

Opponents of the law say that e-cigarettes are safe for surrounding persons, but  Marge Stoneking, Alaska Director of the American Lung Association, claims that besides nicotine e-cigarette secondhand aerosol contains heavy metals, tiny particulates and volatile organic compounds, which are risks for lung cancer.

How to Protect Your Family from Tobacco Smoke


You probably heard about Smokey and the Bandit, Smokey Robinson, Smokey Bear. Those smoky personages were popular few decades ago but even today may be observed their impact on pop culture. Same thing is with second- and thirdhand smoke.

Recently researchers found that even in case a woman never smoked cigarettes, her lifetime exposure to secondhand smoke increases her risks for tubal ectopic pregnancy,  birth of a dead child and miscarriage. There were examined adults exposed to secondhand smoke at home for 20 or more years, kids exposed for 10 or more years and adults exposured at their workplace for 10 or more years.

Earlier scientists found that exposure to secondhand smoke may result in stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and asthma.

Secondhand smoke becomes thirdhand smoke when it enters various surfaces such ascarpets, fabric, wallboard, furniture. Children do ingest it when they put objects or hands with thirdhand smoke into their mouth. Namely this may damage their DNA.

What is the best way to protect your family from tobacco smoke? It is necessary to create a smoke-free environment at home. No smoking at home! How to convince your spose? Do with love, respect and understanding, be persistent and you will win.

In case you live in a state where smoking is banned at workplaces and restaurants, but you see that people still smoke there, then you should address your state representatives and complain about this public health issue.

In case at your home lived a smoker, you should remove all second- or thirdhand smoke by washing carpets, furniture lining, fabric, and even your kid’s toys.

If tobacco smoke enters your home from smoking neighbors via ventilation system, talk with them about finding an appropriate solution. Everyone deserves a smoke-free environment!

New Jersey Ranks 51 in Protecting Kids from Smoking


The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has placed New Jersey at the end in the rating of American states which work to protect kids from smoking and tobacco use. It means that New Jersey shows very bad results in protecting kids from smoking and experts do recommend state authorities to reconsider using funds from the 1998 Tobacco Settlement to reestablish the state’s comprehensive Tobacco Control Program, which was removed in 2009.

According to Jill M.Williams, who is professor of psychiatry and chief of addiction psychiatry at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, though New Jersey receives funds from the Tobacco Settlement and gains tobacco-generated revenue of more than $947 million in Fiscal Year 2014, it spends nothing to support tobacco prevention and treatment programs.

Data from other states showed that prevention and treatment programs help to save money on healthcare expenses related to smoking such as lung cancer and heart attacks.

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids representatives say that in New Jersey each year healthcare costs related to smoking are $317 billion, $967 million of which is covered by the state Medicaid program. To note that Medicaid program offers primary health insurance for people with mental diseases in the USA.
In New Jersey there exist great health differences. It was found that highest smoking rates are registered among poor people and those with menthal disorders. Authorities ignore the need to provide most vulnerable groups with smoking cessation programs and this  leads to a number of diseases in them and increase of healthcare costs.

In March 2014 the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry published an article where was highlighted the need for collaborative efforts in treating tobacco addiction. In order to improve education and access to quit smoking programs mental health services should work in collaboration with government-sponsored tobacco control programs.

Will Smoking be Totally Eliminated from Our Lives?

Cigarette Butts

50 years ago the American surgeon general, Luther Terry, released the first report that directly connected cigarette smoking to lung cancer and other health disorders.

The report influenced greatly people’s attitude towards smoking, changing it from an acceptable, to inacceptable in the public. According to Kathleen Sebelius, who is secretary of Health and Human Services, since 1964 report success in tobacco control has greatly reduced smoking rate in the general public.

Due to implementation of laws banning smoking, people now may comfortably eat in restaurants without coughing and sneezing, walk in parks without inhaling tobacco smoke, fly in airplanes, walk around malls breathing fresh air.

At the beginning of 2014, current American surgeon general has released a new report on smoking effects called “Health consequences of smoking – 50 years of progress.” A number of studies do suggest that tobacco use continues to be a main cause of a number of diseases in this country. According to the report, total economic impact from tobacco abuse will be $299 billion each year.

Experts are worried by statistics numbers. However, many people take too easy all that information and continue to smoke and modern smokers prefer to buy cigarettes online. Today almost 19% of population in the USA enjoy smoking. Do they know that they harm not only their own health but also of people around? Latest studies demonstrated that secondhand smoke is as hazardous as proper smoking.

When a patient undergoes a treatment, doctors normally recommend him to change health habits, but few of them recommend to totally quit smoking. However, refusal from smoking helps the body to fight a disorder.

In different countries there is a different attitude towards smoking. Take Singapore, that is a very clean country. Smoking in public places is banned here and if you light up in the street, then you will be subjected to a fine or even arrested.

This is a good example to follow, and we have a lot to do in order to eliminate smoking from our lives.

Smoking Inside Apartments to be Banned in San Mateo County


Smoking inside apartments and other multiple housing units soon may be banned in San Mateo County, state of California.  The Board of Supervisors discussed recently the effects of secondhand smoke in order to return soon to smoking ban proposal.

The draft of proposed law had been created at the beginning of March by Brian Zamora, Family Services Director, and Jean Fraser, Health System Chief. Smoking ban was proposed by Supervisors Carole Groom and Adrienne Tissier and was supported by their board colleagues.

Tissier is happy with the proposed initiative saying that people who grown up in families where one or two parents were smokers, now do not want to do same harm to their kids. Modern science revealed that secondhand smoke affects people negatively.

Neil Klepeis, a researcher from Stanford, on the meeting explained how tobacco smoke drifts between housing units through ventilation systems. People who live next door to a smoker are exposed to high levels of smoke particles.

Groom considers that ban should include not only tobacco products but also e-cigarettes that are extremely popular today among smokers who believe they are absolutely safe for their body. In fact, e-cigarettes aren’t safe.

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution which prohibits e-cigarettes in county buildings and noted that it would consider ban into other anti-smoking ordinances.

Smoking in San Mateo County will be banned in all housing facilities with two or more units. It will work in common zones and newly rented or sold units, but would not be applied to current residents until 14 months after the law is adopted.

According to the Health System, there will be made an exception for buildings with designated areas located at least 30 feet from the non-smoking spaces. People who will violate the law will be subjected to fines ($100 first infraction, $200 second infraction, $500 all the next ingractions).

The new anti-smoking law will be applied to more than thousand residential units within the unincorporated areas of the county, most of which are in North Fair Oaks.

New Smoking Regulations in Northampton


The Northampton Board of Health want to implement new smoking regulations. From June 2014 smoking will be prohibited in city parks, playgrounds, and within 25 feet of city buildings.

The ban includes tobacco, e-cigarettes and marijuana (even for medical purposes).   Since 2010 the Board of Health updated for the first time their regulations.

Glenn Colby of Northampton said that individuals who enjoy a smoke out of restaurants, workplace, and even out of their own homes, to be forbidden from that.

At Pulaski park, cigarette butts may be seen right near children’s playground. The Health Department aims to reduce people’s exposure to secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke is proved to be as bad as smoking. Besides this, cigarette butts on the ground are bad for the environment.  The Board of Health  will inform people about the new regulations by posting special no smoking signs. Those who will violate the new law will be subjected to a $100 fine.

Merridith O’Leary, the city’s Public Health Director, said that if there is a complaint of issue, people will know to call there at the Health Departments.

The new law bans sale of tobacco at stores that have a pharmacy, which may affect  businesses in city of Northampton.  Also each individual who buys tobacco is carded, regardless of how old they look.

Scituate Raises to 21 Age for Buying Tobacco


Health officials in Scituate, Massachusetts, voted a bill to raise to 21 the minimum age to buy cigarettes. The initiative makes part of set of regulations directed on reducing tobacco use among youth by making it illegal to buy tobacco if you are under permitted age.

This week took place the Board of Health meeting, on which members raised the purchase age limit, restricted e-cigarettes use in public places, banned cigar and hookah bars, and restricted the sale of single cheap cigars which have a price lower than $2.50.

Besides this, there were raised fees for tobacco licenses to $200 from $100 a year along with the penalties for violations.  Board Chairman Russell Clark told that the business owners didn’t show their outrage about the law. The new regulation goes into action from May 1, and till then business owners will have enough time to dispose of that product.

Board of Health has been discussing the changes for a long period of time, but had said they probably would not touch to the age limits.  However, in spite of initial plans, the legal age for buying tobacco is going to be increased from 18 to 21. Clark considers this was the right move.

The Board discussed an increase to 19 but finally decided to increase to 21 as it is the age when liquor is permitted to buy and it would be perfectly to have this age for tobacco sales too. In the state of Massachusetts such towns as Sharon, Canton, Needham, Arlington, Ashland, Wellesley, Dedham, Dover already raised the limit to 21. Westwood, Brookline, Sudbury, Belmont, Watertown,  Walpole allow buying tobacco from 19.

Anti-Smoking Activists Against Smoking in Movies

The Great Gatsby Smoking

Recently the anti-tobacco youth group Reality Check gave awards to such Hollywood starts as Woody Allen, Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp, people who promote smoking in movies.

They were called “Shame” by activists.

The organization includes a local chapter from Schenectady, Albany and Rensselaer counties. It analyzed for many years how Hollywood encourages people to smoke.

Reality Check’s International Week of Action gives her annual “Shame” and “Fame” awards one week before official 86th Academy Awards on March 2.

The Shame Award winners are:
1.  Actor Johnny Depp, for permitting the famous animated character he voiced in the cartoon “Rango” to smoke cigarettes.
2. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, for smoking in the movie “The Great Gatsby.”
3. Film director Woody Allen, for exposuring youth to tobacco smoke in his movies.

The Fame Award winners are:
1. Stanton A. Glanz & Jono Polansky of the Smoke Free Movies Network, for protecting children and teenagers from tobacco imagery in films.
2. Walt Disney Studios, for providing family entertainment with a assurance to protecting kids and teens from tobacco imagery.
3.  National Association of Attorneys General & The New York State Attorney General’s Office for their work to protect youth from tobacco imagery in movies.

The Motion Picture Association of American told it will not modify its rating system to attribute an R rating when smoking is showed in a movie.

Latest Surgeon General’s Report wrote that young people who see in movies smoking scenes are more likely to smoke in their adult age. Kids and teens who are exposured to smoking on TV are about twice as likely to start smoking as those who get the least exposure.

The anti-smoking young activists consider that movies with smoking scenes should be R rated.