Fewer Students Smoking Cigarettes in North Carolina

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Chinese Passengers Smoked in Airplane Despite Ban

Recently a group of passengers told that they were on-lookers of a case when a budget airline did not stop passengers from smoking their cheapest cigarettes during a flight. The talk is More »

Illinois May Prohibit Smoking in Beer Gardens

According to Illinois Register,  Illinois Department of Public Health proposed to expand existing smoking ban and prohibit smoking in beer gardens, patios and other outdoor seating zones in the next months after More »

University of Delaware Banned Smoking on Its Campus

The University of Delaware, located in Newark (state of Delaware), told that all its campuses are going to become tobacco-free starting from this month. The initiative came from students who want to More »

Smoking Hookah Still Popular Among Youth

A new study found that a great number of young people think that using hookah will not damage their health. However, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that using hookah has More »


Montana: Smokers to Move to Designated Area

No Smoking

When workers in Yellowstone County, Montana, want to smoke during their break, they frequently go outside to a place called “the cave” that is a hole in the wall on the southwest corner of the building.

The room under the skybridge located on North 27th Street has an exit-only door, a can for litter and a place for the fire department to hook up hoses.

The “the cave” is a perfect place for smoking, but it has a disadvantage — secondhand smoke, which enters the offices of other  employees via opened windows and ventilation system.

The employees from this building brought the problem to the commissioners’ discussion meeting this Monday. They express a great discontent about their exposure to tobacco smoke.

The commissioners told they will ask county employee smokers to move to other place to smoke. There was proposed to make for them a designated area, located in the city of Billings’ parking garage, across the North 27th Street. They may get there by skybridge, for example.

Commissioner John Ostlund  told they will send emails to employees to inform them about the change.

Besides this, there will be removed litter cans behind the courthouse entrance on Third Avenue North, because  Commissioners received many complaints from people who are forced to go through clouds of smoke, which they dislike. State’s indoor clean air law.allows commissioners to act against secondhand smoke exposure.

New Mexico: No Smoking in Patios

Smoking Woman

In restaurants in the state of New Mexico it is not permitted to smoke cigarettes in restaurants and now they are considering banning smoking at patios. The move is voluntary and not imposed by law.

Recently the New Mexico Health Department made a survey in which were involved almost 3,000 participants. They were asked their opinion on smoking ban in restaurant’s patios. The survey found that 75% people told they would support the restaurants.  The results of the survey were presented last week and representatives from the health department call on restaurants to consider smoking ban on their patios.

Dennis Bonfantine, the owner of Kelly’s Brew Pub, agrees to consider the ban. He says that fewer and fewer people are smoking these days, and though in patio smoking is still permitted, people do not light up there. In most cases they go out on the sidewalk or the parking lot to smoke.

What people think about the idea to prohibit smoking at patios?

Emilie Sederholm told she is not against smokers, but they may easily find other places to light up. She supports the idea to ban smoking in patios.

Former smoker Alice Sharp says that these days everyone is aware that smoking is no good, and therefore no one wants to be exposed to secondhand smoke. Prices on cigarettes are getting higher and higher, and it is not a cheap habit anymore.

Bonfantine appreciates the fact that making patios smoke-free is voluntary and not imposed by law, as it is easier for people to get used to it.

Graphic Health Warnings Introduced in 77 Countries

Warnings on Cigarette Packs

Canadian Cancer Society released a report which shows that there is increasing number of countries where cigarette packs should have graphic health warnings.

Canada was the only country in 2001 to implement such policy. Today the talk is about 77 countries that require graphic health warnings.on cigarette packs. By the end of 2012 there were only 55 contries.

The report deals with 198 countries and territories and ranks each of them according to size of health warnings on cigarette packs.

There were made next important notes:
1.Number one country with largest health warnings is Thailand, where the warnings do cover 85% of cigarette pack. On the second place is Australia, which first in the world introduced plain cigarettes packs and banned all brand colors and logos on packs.
2. 50% of world’s population lives in 77 countries which introduced grapic health warnings.
3. 60 countries and territories demand that warnings should cover at least 50% of cigarette pack front and back, up from 47 in 2012, 32 in 2010, 24 in 2008.

The USA is in the list of 55 countries which have not graphic health warnings on packs. Three decades ago the USA introduced text warnings on packs and they are placed only on one side of the pack, which make them imperceptible. There were made researchers that found that kids do recognize brand Marlboro by its logo.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids urges the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to develop and implement large graphic warnings. Experts say that this measure will help to reduce smoking rates and prevent youth from starting the habit.

New Online Tool for Quitting

Quit Smoking

In England there was developed a new interactive website to help low-income people to quit smoking. The talk is about StopAdvisor.

Health experts say that low-income people may be left out when it comes to innovations in wellness and health. From the new online platform poor people do benefit more than those with high income.

Jamie Brown of the Health Behaviour Research Centre in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London conducted a study which found that high smoking rates are registered among low-income population, and namely this category of people has problems with quitting. The reasons for this phenomenon are unknown.

Jamie Brown says that these people make a lot of attempts to quit but do not succeed in many cases. He supposes that this happens due to lifestyle of this category of people, who face daily a lot of problems. Normally, low-income people buy cigarettes online from http://cigarette-deals.com/

StopAdvisor  is a guide providing full information about quitting along with quit smoking plans.

The site provides behavior-change techniques which help to set goals and plan actions around a quit date. Smoker will find out what medicines may help him o quit, and how to use them properly.

The site offers necessary info about how to fight cravings after achieving target quit date, how to cope with difficulties with quitting by explainng their reasons. Once smoker achieves quit date, he gets emails remainding about his goals. At this phase he will have access to other resources on the site including dealing with stress and fighting urges for smoking.

Today when Internet is widely used by population, such sites are welcome as they provide quit smoking help for everyone anytime, especially it is important for those who have no access to behavioral support.

Allegheny County Housing Authority Bans Smoking at Five Units


Housing Authority in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, told last week about its intention to prohibit smoking in five of its units.

According to county authorities, up to date totally 330 units were designated as smoke-free in the county. The talk is about G.W. Carver Hall in Clairton, Ohioview Tower in McKees Rocks, Andrew Carnegie Apartments in Carnegie, West Mifflin Manor in West Mifflin, John Frazer Hall in Turtle Creek.

The smoking bans in housing units make part of the initiative to create a smoke-free environment in the county in the course of Live Well Allegheny campaign which promotes healthy living.

According to Frank Aggazio, the executive director of the county housing authority, the goal of the Authority is to provide safe and decent apartments for people in Allegheny County, and to modify the traditional look of public housing.

Smoke-free policy in the housing authority is a proven way to imrove health of its residents. Besides this, it permits the Authority to maintain its investments in good condition.

The Allegheny County authorities say that in the past 12 years in the Housing Authority took place three fires which resulted in $1 million damage. Each of these cases was caused by smoking cigarettes inside. Cleaning smoker’s apartment of tobacco smoke also costs a big sum of money for the housing.

Slim Cigarettes Represent Lower Health Risks

Vogue Slim Cigarettes

A new study suggests that the exposure to nicotine and tar tend to be lower for smokers who use slim cigarettes than regular ones.

Today slim type of cigarettes is very popular in several countries worldwide. A number of earlier studies demonstrated that levels of certain chemicals in smoke of slim cigarettes are much lower than in regular cigarettes. Scientists wanted to know if users of slim cigarettes are at lower  health risk than users of regular ciagrettes. After their research, they concluded that lower amount of chemicals in tobacco smoke does not mean lower exposure to harmful chemicals.

In order to confirm or disprove the results of previous studies, scientists at British American Tobacco decided to make their own research and they have chosen Russia for it, because slim cigarettes are extremely popular there. In the research there were involved 360 smokers of slim and regular cigarettes. Scientists measured their exposure to tar and nicotine with the help of a cutting-edge technique based on measuring levels of chemicals in cigarette filters used by smokers. Also there was used other device to show changes in the levels of next chemicals: nitric oxide,  carbon monoxide, benzene,  acetaldehyde, acrylonitrile.

Madeleine Ashley, lead author of the study, told that they found that slimmer shape of cigarettes and shorter puffs may explain the lower exposure to tar and nicotine. The reduced diameter of the cigarette makes it harder to draw on.

According to Ian Fearon, Principal Scientist at British American Tobacco, in order to understand better the effects of smoking slim cigarettes it is necessary to make more studies and measure the levels of tobaccp chemicals in smoker’s blood. However, today scientists may conclude that slim cigarettes do represent for smokers lower health risk due to low amount of tar and nicotine.

More Connecticut Cities Want a Smoking Ban

Cigarettes on Beaches

The Recreation Department in Milford city, Connecticut, wants to prohibit smoking  at Little League fields, city parks, beaches and other recreation areas. The city wants to join a number of Connecticut cities who already did it.

As Director of Recreation Paul Piscitelli says, by now it is only the idea, because the proposal was not brought officially to Parks, Beach and Recreation Commission.

Piscitelli told that over the last several years the department got a lot of complaints regarding smoking cigarettes online at ballfields.

The Recreation Department programs are destined for people’s health and wellness, and secondhand smoke has nothing to do with that. Smoking in public places is not only about secondhand smoke effects, but also about an example for others. When youth sees smokers everywhere, they start thinking that smoking is a normal thing.

According to Chris Stan, spokesman for the state’s Department of Health, the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program works together with municipalities to make their parks, beaches and recreation areas smoke-free. Totally there are 169 municipalities in Connecticut, and among them 12 implemented a smoke-free policy in parks and beaches.

Guilford prohibited smoking on beaches 20 years ago. The main reason for that decision was to reduce litter on beaches and prevent kids from picking up cigarette butts. Parks and Recreation Director Rick Maynard told the sand was like a “giant ashtray” to smokers. Today people caught smoking on Guilford beach will have to pay a fine of $50-$90.  It is a well known fact that cigarette butts are extremely difficult to remove from sand.

Alex Palluzzi, Department of Parks and Recreation in Branford, saus that it is a great idea to implement smoking ban in the municipality, but the issude should be researched first.

New Bill Increasing Cigarette Tax in Philadelphia


On Monday, House of Representatives in Pennsylvania voted 114-84 a bill which gives the Philadelphia authorities the right to impose $2 per pack tax on cigarettes and direct these money to fund city schools.

The bill was sent to state Senate for the approval and it will vote for it this week. If it passes there, it will be sent to the Governor Tom Corbett for the final decision.

It took several months to bring the law in the House of Representatives for voting. Thus it was supported by 40 Republicans and 74 Democrats. 14 Democrats and 70  Republicans voted against.

Current year, schools budget face a gap of $81 million. It was estimated that proposed cigarette tax would bring to local budget from $70 million to $90 million annually

Those who opposed the cigarette tax increase, including  Rep. Glen Grell, R-Hampden Twp, name several arguments against the bill:
– the proposed $2 cigarette tax may move current cigarette sales to neighboring states, for example, in Delaware and New Jersey, therefore Pennsylvania may lose a lot of money;
– small businesses may be affected;
– other school districts or municipalities who also have a gap in their budget, may want to follow Philadelphia example;
– the tax will not touch online cigarettes stores and more people will buy online cigarettes.

Fewer Students Smoking Cigarettes in North Carolina


Latest Youth Tobacco Survey conducted in North Carolina found that fewer middle and high school students in the state are smoking cheapest cigarettes.

The bad news is that more students use other tobacco products and here the talk is about pipes, snuff, hookah and e-cigarettes.

The doctors are worried much about youth interest towards e-cigarettes and significant increase in use of this product. Data shows that in the last two years e-ciagrettes use among teens has more than tripled.

In the course of the survey, the researchers found that 10% of middle school students and 30% of high school students in North Carolina use one or another kind of tobacco product. According to Health Director of Mecklenburg County, e-cigarettes do represent a serious problem when the talk is about youth, because still few studies were made on thir effects on human bodies.

E-cigarettes are sold to young people without any restriction, therefore they start smoking at their early age. Studies demonstrate that 90% of smokers started smoking when they were under 18 and in adult age they already became regular smokers. The earlier  people begin smoking, the harder for them is to quit in adult age.

Dr. Marcus Plescia comes with a proposal to prohibit tobacco use on county grounds in order to reduce smoking rates among youth in North Carolina. Mecklenburg County Commission is the body who takes such decisions. At the same time, smokers who want to quit may use QuitLine NC.

Calaveras County to Eliminate Tobacco Smoke from Apartments


In an attempt to protect its residents from secondhand smoke, Calaveras Multiunit Housing Workgroup in the state of California said it wants to make its apartments smoke-free. Last week, on September 10, they presented a 12-minute video called “Share Walls, Not Smoke” which features interviews with an apartment owner and several residents.

The Workgroup includes apartment managers, residents, owners and smokers who are willing to restrict their neighbors’ exposure. In the campaign do participate young anti-smoking activists who will encourage smokers to smoke their Bond cigarettes outside apartments. They are glad to learn more about the effects of secondhand smoke exposure and make part of an anti-smoking camapign. Now they know that tobacco smoke via ventilation syatem enters the apartments of residents neighboring a smoker.

According to Joan Mazzetti, health education manager for Calaveras Public Health Services, it is only the beginning and more is to be done.

Last several years Community Transformation Grant funded Calaveras Multiunit Housing Workgroup so that they could solve the problem of chronic disease health management. Calaveras was chosen among 12 rural counties to get the funding. However, September is the month when the Grant expires and numerous organizations told they are ready to fund the initiative to protect people from secondhand smoke exposure in apartments.

Mazzetti says that though smoking is a personal choice, community should take particular measures to protect children, pregnant women and people with chronic deases from exposure to tobacco smoke, as it impacts their health. Tobacco is a legal product, but its use must be restricted because it affects not only health of the smoker but also health of other people.

Recently Millhouses of Adams announced about its plans to become smoke-free.