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Smoking Ban Rises Debates in New Orleans

Girl Smoking in Park

In New Orleans there was drafted a smoking ban which raised hot debates. According to proposal, smoking should be prohibited in Storyland and City Putt. However, park commissioners have different opinions on that — some want a 100% ban, and some do not want a ban at all.

The proposal came from Susan Hess, the board president, and Chief Executive Officer Bob Becker, who said that smoking should be restricted for several kinds of tobacco products. There should be banned use of regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes in City Putt and Storyland, recreational public places where normally come families with kids. Experts say that smoking ban in particular areas of parks will make smokers look for other places to light up. However, responsable bodies may impose a total smoking ban in those places.

Many commissioners want a tougher smoking ban but Commissioner Edgar Chase was fiercely critical about several points. He considers that common concept of smoking regulations may be unfair and outside the board’s attribution. In her turn, Hess does not appreciate a sneaky and rapid way of drafting the smoking ban. Here she mentioned comissioners Will Tregre, Andrea LeGrand, Karen Frenandez.

The comissioners studied practicies of smoking bans in parks of several large US cities and made several important discoveries. For example, they found that some parks are 100% smoke-free while other allow smoking. Some parks provide a wide range of possibilities for sport and recreation but do not prohibit tobacco use.

For example, Storyland is popular place and if a smoker lights up somewhere there then his smoke will be inhaled by other people, inluding children.

One commissioner said that Storyland has no enforcement capacity to implement a park-wide ban. Commissioner Errol Laborde opposed the ban saying it would never do to adopt a smoking ban here.

Bluffton to Ban Smoking at Kids Playgrounds

Smoking in Park

Today smoking in parks in the town of Bluffton, South Carolina, is legal. However, things may change soon, because town council members are considering a law that would prohibit use of tobacco in public parks.

In Bluffton, smoking is banned in all restaurants and now the ban is going to be expanded to more public spaces. Parents walking with their kids at Dubois Park playground in Old Town do not like that smokers may light up anytime anywhere here and sometimes they with kids are forced to breathe the tobacco smoke. No one can stop smoker from lighting up and parents are hoping for a change.

Heather Hughes, mother of two kids, considers that smoking should not be allowed behind kids playgrounds, because secondhand smoke affectes them much more than adults. In Dubois Park children are everywhere, they running around and playing. They should be protected from secondhand smoke in all parks. This idea is supported by most people in the town.

The Council and Lisa Sulka, Bluffton Mayor, received in August a lot of emails from citizens asking to ban smoking at kid’s playgrounds in parks.

The Mayor said that in Bluffton parks smoking will be banned only where there are playgrounds. Kids are mostly affected by tobacco smoke but they do not have a voice in that. The town Council took into consideration all complaints from residents and now they are working over the odinance.

First reading of smoking ban at playgrounds will take place in October.

California Failed to Adopt Anti-Tobacco Laws

Cigarette Smoker

On their latest regular session, officials in California failed to adopt a package of anti-tobacco laws that aimed to restrict use of e-cigarettes, increase legal smoking age to 21 and raise the tobacco tax by $2 each pack.

Officials told that there is no chance that this law will be voted till the end of the year.

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins explained that on Friday the Legislature ran out of time. Versions of the anti-tobacco laws were introduced in a special session that may be expanded to the beginning of 2016 when the laws may be discussed again.

Due to the fact that this is a special session, lawmakers have more time to have discussions. On Friday they just did not manage to move forwards on those laws. Good news is that they have the time to take a decision, and the failure of Friday does not mean the law rejection.

Assemblyman Jim Cooper carried one of the bills to regulate use of e-cigarettes. He is upset that the law was not adopted and people will continue to use e-cigarettes. Sen. Mark Leno also came with a bill regulating e-cigarettes and says that manufacturers have their lobbists in the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee. He explained that anti-tobacco laws were always discussed but never put on vote.

There is a need to be patient. The proposed bill of Leno and Cooper prohibits e-cigarettes use in public spaces including restaurants and theatres. However, vaping industry opposes the change claiming their smoking devices are safe.

Another proposed law increases legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21 and aims to reduce smoking rates among youth. Other laws prohibit smoking at schools, impose on cigarette distributors an annual fee, permit counties to increase taxes on the tobacco industry.

UK Preparing for Stoptober 2015

Stoptober 2015

Smokers in the UK are invited to join national Stoptober campaign aimed to help them quit the habit. The campaign is organized each year in October.

Data demonstrates that 20.3% of adult people across Yorkshire and The Humber are smokers. Thus Public Health England is encouraging them to participate in Stoptober, the quit smoking campaign lasting for 28 days in October. During the campaign smokers will get encouragement and support from UK famous people, and among them well-known comedian Rhod Gilbert.

According to Corinne Harvey from PHE in Yorkshire and The Humber, nearly 20 thousand people in Yorkshire and The Humber signed up for Stoptober in 2014 and this year these numbers are expected to be much higher.

It is difficult o quit smoking but participating in Stoptober may ease the process, because smoker receives great support from a big number of people and gets access to a number of free cessation tools during all 28 days of the campaign.

Health care providers say that quitting smoking is best thing a smoker can do for personal health and health of his family members and friends. Smoker would feel benefits of quitting immediately he refuses from tobacco. Experts say that chances to stop the habit successfully increase if a smoker does not use tobacco for at least 28 days.

Stoptober starts on October 1 and now in the UK is held an awarness campaign about it.

In the UK highest rates are reported in Leeds where 21.6% smoke, and in 2014 more than three thousand people signed up to the campaign. The lowest smoking rates are reported in the East Riding where only 14.2% smoke, and among them one thousand participated in Stoptober last year.

Hartford City Passed a Smoking Ban

Smoking Young Man

City Council in Hartford, Connecticut, on August 11 with the majority of votes (19-2) passed an ordinance prohibiting smoking in city’s parks and recreational areas.

However, this may be not last word on the subject, because there do exist questions on the ordinance enforcement.

Resident Ed Burdick considers that the ordinance is poorly drafted, because it does not include e-cigarettes that are extremely popular among youth. Also smoking marijuana in parks may have a particular impact on the new ordinance enforcement.

Burdick said that it would be a good idea to organize a meeting with residents to inform them about the initiative and hear their opinions on that.

The new anti-smoking ordinance in Hartford prohibits use of all forms of tobacco in city’s parks and recreational areas. The talk is about the Little League complex, Veterans’ Memorial Park, and Camputaro Athletic Field on Sheldon Road. Those violating the ordinance will have to pay a $50 fine.

The smoking ban was proposed by Griswold Recreation Director Ryan Aubin. He explained that it is important to create a smoke-free environment for kids. Secondhand smoke is expecially bad for children. Smoking ban will help to create a healthy social norm for everyone.
Carol Morrow,  recreation commission member, told that in all parks there will be created smoking ares where smokers could light up.

Resident Phil Flowers noted that the ordinance say nothing about these areas, and he is against them.  In its turn Aubin explained that smoking areas will be created only during big city events and not every day.

There was proposed to include school grounds in the ordinance in order to protect children from secondhand smoke. Selectman Steve Mikutel told that the board will implement the existing smoking ban without modifications. It comes into effect on September 10 and there is going to be installed no-smoking signs.

87% Hookah Tweets are in Positive Context


Researchers found that daily young people mention 12,000  times hookah use in a positive context on Twitter. It means that hookah becomes more popular among teenagers due to belief that hookah is less harmful than cigarettes. However, researchers say that hookah is not safe.

The author of the study is Melissa Krauss who is a research statistician at Washington University School of Medicine. She told that though cigarette use shows a decline among young people, use of hookah shows a rise, especially among college students. The study was made on hookah tweets and was published this week in Preventing Chronic Disease, a journal of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

She says that young people are using hookah to socialize. For them hookah is something cool and trendy and they want to be like other trendy people. You may see hookah bars among college campuses.

As you probably know, hookah is a water pipe that uses tobacco with various sweet flavours such as apple, grape, watermelon, etc. Other name for hookah is shisha. Normally, hookah is used by several people passing mouthpiece from person to person.

Most people consider it is safe to use hookah, but researchers say that hookah smoke contains same toxic substances as tobacco smoke has. However, researchers add that the hookah method of smoking is even more harmful than cigarettes smoking, because of longer sessions and deeper inhalations. It means that hookah user absorbs higher concentrations of toxins.

Researchers say that the study based on social media research requires less efforts compared to traditional survey. Its big plus is that it is made more quickly.

Researchers also analyzed using tweets about marijuana, alcohol and e-cigarettes. It turned out that daily young people write more than 250,000 tweets about marijuana, 400,000 tweets about alcohol and 1,200 tweets about e-cigarettes.

Totally, among hookah tweets 87% were in favour of hookah and only 7% were against.

Smoking Rooms in Airport in Salt Lake City

Cigarette in Ashtray

Joshua Lewis is a smoker who buys Prima Non-Filter says when he is at Salt Lake City International Airport he normally smokers cigarettes in the smoking room.

He says that sometimes air travel is hard and it is a real crack-up when there is no smoking room in the airport and there is no possibility to light up.

He remembers that in an airport without smoking rooms he went outside to puff out and when he came he had to re-enter security and as a result he missed a flight.

Lewis says that any travel is stressful, therefore he appreciates the idea of creating smoking rooms in the Salt Lake City International Airport.

However, another traveller Maggie Podunovich has a different opinion. She is a former smoker and understands perfectly how addictive the habit is, but she considers that there must be no smoking rooms in the airports. Smoking is banned in most public spaces and therefore should be banned is airports too withot exceptions.

Utah anti-smoking activists say that the idea of creating smoking rooms in the airport has nothing to do with public health issues. Scott Barton, health expert in Molina Healthcare of Utah, said that smoking rooms do present danger for non-smokers in the airport. If Salt LakeCity airport would continue to allow smoking then it will remain in the list of smoking airports in the USA, which would spoil the image of Utah.

In their turn, airport officials claim that the smoking rooms are created with the purpose to protect people from secondhand smoke. Mayor of the city welcomes the idea.

UK: Smoe-Free Campaign Launched in Merseyside

No Smoking

Officials in Merseyside county, UK, will prohibit use of tobacco on most outdoor events in the course of smoke-free campaign that was launched this week.

The campaign was launched by Tobacco Free Futures, a local social enterprise. The campaign targets youth in Merseyside and Cheshire and aims to discourage them from taking up the smoking habit.

First town in Merseyside to launch a smoke-free event is  Knowsley, where Feelgood Festival takes place in coming weekend, August 8, in Court Hey Park.  On the event tobacco use will not be allowed.

Last month Council of  St Helens for the first time in history banned smoking on a public event. The talk is about Summer Beach event in Church Square.

A survey by  Tobacco Free Futures  shows that nearly 77% of people living in Knowsley support the idea of smoke-free events, especially ones where many family with children do participate.

Another survey showed that in St Helens and Halton more teens aged 15 use cigarettes than the national average.  However, few teens smoke in Liverpool, Wirral,  Knowsley,  Sefton.

In 2014 the Health and Social Care Information Centre made a study which found that in England 8.2% of  15-year-olds smoke, while in Halton this rate achieves 8.9% and in Liverpool just 6.5%. Most teens prefer slim cigarettes.

The same tendency is noted with electronic cigarettes. In England totally 2.7% of teens are using them while in St Helens this rate is 4.5% and in Liverpool 1.5%.

Surveyed teenagers in  St Helens said that smoking gives them confidence, but teenagers in Knowsley disagreed with this statement.

The research also found that 24% of English teenagers aged 15 had ever smoked, and number of girls here was higher than boys. Across the country lowest smoking rates are reported in London while highest on North East.

According to  Councillor Eddie Connor, Knowsley’s cabinet member for public health and wellbeing, the town is working hard to reduce smoking rates among youth.

Officals believe that smoke-free events will help to promote a healthy lifestyle and discourage teens from taking up the habit.

Cigarette Butts to be Recycled in Easton

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts on the grounds in the cities and towns creates additional problems for  street cleaners.

The Easton Ambassadors in Pennsylvania state launched a program which aims to keep sidewalks clean from cigarette butts and at the same time it will turn those butts into the money for local budget.

The Easton Ambassadors placed a number of cigarette butt recycling receptacles in and behind Centre Square. It was the organization TerraCycle who provided the boxes for butts. As a result, it will give $1 to the Greater Easton Development Partnership for every pound of cigarette butts the ambassadors collect.

According to Sandra Zajacek Levisay, manager of the Easton Ambassadors program, butts from cigarettes are most widespread waste in most cities which has a great impact on landfills. The ambassadors do help to keep Easton downtown free of tobacco litter and maintain flower boxes.

The cigarette butts will be recycled and turned into pellets which are going to be used in industry to create park benches or plastic pallets. TerraCycle website says that any remaining part of cigarette is recycled as compost.

In Easton already works a recycling program called Recyclebank. Residents participaiting in it receive points for recycling. Generally, it is

beneficial to recycle in this city because you get some rewards for that.

Places where can you find boxes for cigarette butts in Easton:
– in the southwest corner of Centre Square located behind the Crayola Factory and lehighvalleylive.com office;
– in the 300 block of Northampton Street located behind Centre Square in front of Family Dollar;
– at the bus stop at South Third and Ferry streets;
– in the southeast corner of Centre Square located behind Pearly Baker’s Alehouse.

Pascagoula City Wants a Smoking Ban in its Parks

No Smoking in Parks

Pascagoula city, Jackson County, Mississippi, is considering to pass an ordinance which prohibits smoking in its parks. In 2013 the city already banned tobacco use on workplaces, restaurants and indoor public places. Now local authorities want to make recreationa zones smoke-free.

Soon lighting cigarettes up at Beach Park in Pascagoula city may be illegal and smoking adults with children appreacite the initiative. They consider that if they will not smoke around their kids, others will not dare too.

Mike is a parent and he says he smokes Bond Super Slims Silver for several years. He finds the idea of smoking ban in parks is good, because it will help to protect kids from secondhand smoke effects. Nowadays everyone knows that secondhand smoke is not safe, and it affects especially children and elderly people. Parent Wanda Turner believes that secondhand smoke is even more dangerous than firsthand smoke.

Resident Larry Hawkins says that her day is considered spoilt when she goes at work and someone puffs a cigarette on her way. She says those people should quit smoking and this will be beneficial not only for them but for other people too. Thus she showed her support for the smoking ban in parks.

However, the proposal has not only supporters but opposers too, who are worried that the authorities violate their freedoms and rights. One of them is Carmen Butler, who has relatives who usually smoke cigarettes in local parks. Those smokers never light up behind a kid, so she says the law is not necessary.

The idea to ban smoking in parks came from a resident who expressed it at one of latest Council meetings. The city plans to consider the new smoke-free ordinance in August. It will cover more than 25 city parks.