Illinois May Prohibit Smoking in Beer Gardens

According to Illinois Register,  Illinois Department of Public Health proposed to expand existing smoking ban and prohibit smoking in beer gardens, patios and other outdoor seating zones in the next months after More »

University of Delaware Banned Smoking on Its Campus

The University of Delaware, located in Newark (state of Delaware), told that all its campuses are going to become tobacco-free starting from this month. The initiative came from students who want to More »

Smoking Hookah Still Popular Among Youth

A new study found that a great number of young people think that using hookah will not damage their health. However, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that using hookah has More »

Indonesia Refuses to Sign Convention on Tobacco Control

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Ocean City Wants to Restrict Smoking on Beaches

Smoking Man

During their town Council meeting, authorities in Ocean City, Maryland, voted for adopting a new anti-smoking law that would ban smoking on beaches and along the boardwalk. However, smoking will be allowed in designated areas. The law was approved with 4 votes for and 3 against it.

The authorities of the city expalin that smoking ban on the beaches will help to reduce litter and prevent visitors from secondhand smoke. However, the ban will touch regular cigarettes, but e-cigarettes are not included in it.

Designated areas will be created at the distance of no more than 50 feet to the beach. On the beaches there will be placed no-smoking signs informing people about the ban.

Designated areas for smokers will be clearly marked.

There was made a survey, which revealed that among 37 respondents 30 told they support the smoking ban and 7 told they do not. 60% of hotels and motels support smoking restrictions.

Authorities say that in order to create designated smoking areas. is needed around $20,000.

The law now is in form of draft and this month the anti-smoking law will be proposed for final approval. In case it would be approved, it would come into action from may 1, 2015.

Illinois May Prohibit Smoking in Beer Gardens

Beer Garden

According to Illinois Register,  Illinois Department of Public Health proposed to expand existing smoking ban and prohibit smoking in beer gardens, patios and other outdoor seating zones in the next months after introduction of new regulations

Thus the law would ban smoking in all indoor and outdoor dining areas such as bars, restaurants, beer gardens, patios, rooftops, decks, concession areas. The measure is taken in order to protect visitors and worlers from secondhand smoke.

The existing law allows smoking cigarettes online outdoors and that were the only places where smokers could still light up. However, if the new change comes into effect, they will no longer have this right.

Dave Koehler, the Senator of Illinois, in 2012 approved a law, which allowed smoking in outdoor areas of patios and beer gardens. However, instead of calling the law for a vote, Beer Garden Task Force sent to the Department of Public Health a request to specify in what outdoor places smoking to be allowed. The Department gave no clear answer.

The law was reintroduced again in 2013 and again there were provided no details about it.

Workers and owners of several establishments in the city of Peoria were fined for smoking in public place or for failing to prevent smoking. One of them was Dan Kouri, owner of beer garden at Kouri’s Pub on Sterling Avenue.  Before constructing his beer garden, he found out from the Illinois Department of Public Health all the information regarding smoking. He wanted to know where partons may smoke and was told that in beer garden smoking will be permitted.

Jerry Brady,  Peoria County State’s Attorney, told that he could no enforce the existing smoking ban because many things are unclear in it. Therefore it needs to be clarified.

Anti-Smoking Initiative in Alamo Heights

Smoking Woman

The authorities in Alamo Heights, Texas, soon will organize public hearing to find out resident’s opinion on smoking ban inside public buildings.

Louis Cooper, Mayor of Alamo Heights, asked city staff to include the subject into the schedule on the next meeting of City Council, which will take place next Monday, 5:30 p.m.

Mayor says that the city is persistent in its attempt to fight smoking and create healthy enviroments for its residents and visitors. Cooper told that last months he received a lot of e-mails from residents asking to consider a smoking ban, so Alamo Heights now is going into a right direction towards smoke-free environment.

Starting from July 2014, around 80 cities in Texas have introduced different smoking bans, including such cities as Schertz and San Antonio. However, there are no smoking bans in Terrell Hills and Olmos Park, and smoking cigarettes online is allowed everywhere. Frisco introduced smoking ban in parks.

As to businesses, they have right to decide by themselves to prohibit smoking in their establishments or not. However, Cooper supports smoking ban in public buildings, as that is what authorities may do to protect people from effects of secondhand smoke.  The Mayor wants to hear all opinions on that during the public meeting. He believes that the majority of people will support the initiative, because they do undestand the importance of healthy environments. However, there are people who oppose the proposal and they speak about smoker’s rights.

Stephanie Regets,  Alamo Heights Chamber of Commerce President, said that the city needs to implement this anti-smoking ordinance. Non-smokers and their kids must feel themselves comfortable in restaurants and other public places.

Kent County Discusses Smoking Ban in Parks

Smoking in Park

In the Kent County, Michigan, there was proposed to ban smoking in all parks.

At the moment the proposal is under the review of Council.

According to Keith Mumford, the county’s parks and recreation director, the smoking ban is going to touch only 6 city parks including Browns Branch Park in Harrington, Brecknock Park in Camden, Big Oak Park in Smyrna.

The smoking ban would touch cigars, cigarettes, snuff. However, it is unclear yet if e-cigarettes will be included too.

Over the year park many visitors adressed to the authorities a number of compalints regarding smoking in parks. Most of them were people with kids who come to parks to playgrounds and are forced to inhale tobacco smoke. Therfore, present smoking ban is welcomed by the majority of Kent county residents.

Kate, mother of Amanda, often come to their local park and last time she saw a man smoking on the other side of the fence and all tobacco smoke was going into the park. Kate wants that her kid along with other children to be protected in parks from tobacco smoke. But smokers say that there must be created designated areas where they could smoke their Winston cigarettes.

The authorities say that they are informed about the effects of secondhand smoke inhale and want everyone to be aware about it. Residents and visitors should inhale a pure and fresh air in public parks, and there must be no smoking permitted. Kids will be healthier if they grow on a healthy environment.

The county parks and recreation  department has developed programs for living healthy lives for the residents of all ages and smoking ban is part of it.

However, the fines for breaking the ban were not discussed yet. There is no official way in Kent county to fine violations and the authorities say that the offendors will be told to butt out.

Frisco Included E-cigarettes in Smoking Ban

Smoking in Parks

Yesterday City Council in Frisco, Texas, voted 3-2 to expand its smoking ordinance in order to protect the health of its citizens. The ordinance bans not only use of regular cigarettes but also e-cigarettes in all city parks.

However, the law would allow to use chewing tobacco, as the authorities did not build a consensus about them. The proposal of extending smoking ban came in February, but council members delayed their decision.

Council Member Scott Johnson feels solicitous about the fact that smoking ban was not extended to parks till now. Today the issue is a priority because health is the proprity.

These days many researchers speak about negative effects of secondhand smoke exposure, especially when the talk is about kids. Children must be protected from inhaling tobacco smoke at sporting events.

Council member Jeff Cheney every day plays in a city park with his three kids and often they are forced to inhale tobacco smoke. The problem of secondhand smoke exposure is very serious. Another problem is cigarette litter. However, chewing tobacco also represents a problem as smokers do spit it on the fields.

With the new anti-smoking ordinance Frisco joins cities of McKinney and Prosper which prohibit smoking in parks. According toAmerican Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, totally there are 965 cities in the USA that ban smoking in all city parks. But still there are large cities where smoking in parks is permitted, for example, in Dallas.

Councilmen opposing the initiative claim that smoking is a legal activity and in parks should be permitted. They proposed to ban smoking only near playgrounds and seating areas, but the idea was not supported by others. Also some council members wanted to not include e-cigarettes in the ban saying they are safe.

University of Delaware Banned Smoking on Its Campus


The University of Delaware, located in Newark (state of Delaware), told that all its campuses are going to become tobacco-free starting from this month. The initiative came from students who want to have a healthy environment on their campus.

The new policy, which came into action on August 1, bans the use of all tobacco products including cigarettes and e-cigarettes, on all University property in order to have a “Tobacco-Free UD.”

The smoke-free policy will apply to University campuses in Wilmington, Georgetown, Newark, Dover, Lewes. Its goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and safe environment among students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Scientists say that use of tobacco products presents particular health hazards. Besides this, exposure to tobacco smoke causes great health risks for non-smoking adults and kids.

With this initiative the University of Delaware joins other 800 smoke-free high education institutions in the USA, including Delaware Technical Community College, which already adopted anti-smoking policies.

Initially, University’s Student Government Association proposed to adopt such a policy. Further, the proposal was supported by the Graduate Student Government.

The University of Delaware offers quit-smoking programs to those who want to get rid of the habit. Thus for students was created the program called Student Wellness and Health Promotion, while for employees – the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, which provides individual counseling. For group counseling, there exists HealthyU Employee Wellness Program .

Previously the University of Delaware adopted smoke-free policies. Thus in 1995 there was banned smoking in all academic and office buildings and in 2000 there was prohibited smoking on all University-owned student housing.

Anti-Smoking Tour in Kentucky


63-years-old Cline spends most of his spare time working with Smoke-Free Kentucky, a coalition consisting of organizations and individuals who support smoking ban in all public and workplaces in the state.

At the beginning of the week, on July 28, the coalition started in Ashland a statewide tour to gather support the anti-smoking law that is going to be adopted in the 2015 General Assembly. The law will ban smoking in bars, restaurants, workplaces, public buildings, offices.

The law supporters had a meeting at King’s Daughters Medical Center where they shared their experiences. They discussed the importance of protecting non-smokers and kids from secondhand smoke exposure and the effects of smoking on human body. Many non-smokers inhale tobacco smoke in bars and other public places because they do not know that secondhand smoke is not good for their bodies.

Eric Evans, a spokesman for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, said that during tour, the coalition will visit a number of cities in Kentucky to attract attention of lawmakers to the problem. Smoke-Free Coalition considers that voices of simple people must be heard. Today more and more American states introduce smoking bans and Kentucky must follow their example. Smokers prefer Marlboro brand among others and they dislike the idea of smoking ban.

It was estimated that around 65% Kentuckians do support smoke-free public places. As to businesses, experts say they will not be affected at all. In case Kentucky adopts the smoke-free law, it would become the 25th state to institute such a ban.

University of New Orleans Goes Smoke-Free


Soon colleges and universities in Louisiana will become smoke-free due to adoption of anti-smoking law in 2013 which imposes post-secondary institutions to do this.

However, some universities not just prohibit smoking cigarettes on their campus but ban use of all kinds of tobacco. Experts say that due to this approach New Orleans could siginificantly reduce the number of smokers in the city.

Starting from August 2014, the University of New Orleans will become smoke-free and totally ban the use of tobacco on its campus. That is a great progress for one of most important university in Louisiana.

According to University of New Orleans spokesman Adam Norris, on their campus will be banned use of cheapest cigarettes, cigars, pipes and even chewing tobacco. However, e-cigarettes will still be allowed. Special signs placed everywhere on university property informed students and university staff about the change. The majority welcomed the new rule but smokers were those who were disappointed.

By August 2014 not only every public college and university in Louisiana will go smoke-free but many bars also will do this. Why? Around 100 bars in New Orleans have decided to ban smoking in their establishments. This was their own decision.

LaToya Cantrell, the New Orleans councilwoman, says that the more smoke-free places in the city, the healthier the citizens will be.

The last week in the city of New Orleans there was organized Smoke-Free Week during which people were informed about the effects on body of secondhand smoke exposure. Today more than 1,100 municipalities in 39 states prohibit smoking in bars, hotels and restaurants, and New Orleans needs to follow this trend.

Cantrell plans to introduce smoke-free legislation by November 2014.

No More Smoking on New Jersey Beaches

Woman Smoking on Beach

If you are a smoker, you should know that you no longer can light up your cigarette on the beach in Belmar. The famous Monmouth County beach previously permitted smoking in designated zones only, but now the use of cigarettes and cigars everywhere on the beach is banned. The same change may occur soon on all New Jersey beaches.

In case the Governor Chris Christie approves the bill, then smoking will not be permitted on all municipal, county and state beaches in New Jersey by summer 2015, making New Jersey the first state in the USA to introduse such a ban.

According to Karen Blumenfeld, executive director of New Jersey Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy, the state of New Jersey remains in the USA the leader in implementing tobacco control policy. The new bill is just another step to fight tobacco. Today New Jersey is one the second place after California in the rating of American states with big number of ordinances which restrict smoking in public places. Thus among 565 cities in New Jersey 236 of them have adopted various smoking bans.

The statewide ban of smoking on beaches also applies to all state parks, and it actually expands the 2005 New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act. The authorities believe that this measure will prevent youth from smoking and protect people from secondhand smoke exposure.

However, the opposers of the bill talk about smokers rights, but secondhand smoke exposure effects are too exaggerated. Also they say that smoking bans do affect businesses.

Smoking Hookah Still Popular Among Youth

Smoking Hookah

A new study found that a great number of young people think that using hookah will not damage their health. However, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that using hookah has the same effects on the body as using cigarettes. But data obtained by the latest study shows that many young people believe the water pipes are a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

During the study the researchers asked young visitors of three hookah lounges in Southern California what they think about using hookah. The respondents were young people aged 18 to 30 and the majority of them answered that they think that hookah is safe and will not harm their health. 47% of them believe that the tobacco smoke gets filtered through the water. Around one-third of young respondents told that they consider that fruits flavors used in tobacco help to detoxify harmful substances which makes hookah smoking safe. 16% believed that there is no nicotine in hookah tobacco and therefore is causes no addiction.

The results of the study are published in the journal Nursing Research and the researchers say that these young people’s beliefs are wrong. According to lead researcher Mary Rezk-Hanna, a nursing doctoral student at the University of California, Los Angeles, these days hookah smoking rates are very high among youth and the researchers wanted to find out the causes of it.

Previous study demonstrated that though use of cigarettes continues to drop, the use of hookah is on the rise, especially among college students. 60% of people participating in the UCLA study told that hookah smoking is a modern way of socializing with friends.

Rezk-Hanna says that the latest study highlights the importance of making more research in the field. Also it is necessary to increase public knowledge about the effects of using hookah, especially among youth.

Previously, Mobile City banned youth from smoking hookah.